Why lower to mid-market?

Why lower to middle market?

A simple rationale

Our target acquisitions fall within the lower to middle market of the U.S. manufacturing base. As we’ve discussed these will be profitable companies with impressive track. They are primed for growth but lack the understanding which unlocks this potential.

But why this sector? Why the lower to middle market?

It’s a simple answer, no other private equity fund is in this space right now. Others continue to follow a well-trodden path, but Faison has identified the huge, untapped potential. When up-to-date technology, distribution, operational and marketing strategies are applied growth comes naturally.

The model has been proven with candle manufacturer, Bluecorn and there are thousands of companies just like that across the United States, their potential just waiting to be realised.

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2021 Investment Call
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Following on from the success of 2020, Faison have identified new opportunities in the U.S. lower middle market growth company sector. Our investment call requires an initial $8.3M to fund the purchase of the first three of these targets.

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