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Why Small Businesses are A Big Deal for Investors

The majority of sophisticated investors know that there are more opportunities to create wealth during recessions than at any other time in the economic cycle. Despite the fact that business leaders, policymakers and regular people have sounded increasing alarm about how small businesses will weather the COVID-19 pandemic, a surprising number of these outfits, seem [...]

Technology To Drive Economic Recovery In 2021

According to recent research, 2021 is not predicted to be full of doom and gloom as perhaps it was last year. What it does reveal is that many businesses have been investing their capital during their ‘downtime’ to enable them to recover with strength once the pandemic is over. Much of this investment has been [...]

The Best Candles for a Vibey Dinner Party

I used to think the best candles were always uniquely, powerfully scented. In my early twenties, I was tied to one candle in particular: Diptique Baies or bust. At the time, most of the “cooking” I did was really just assembling, and “entertaining” usually just meant drinks. Now, when people come over I actually feed them. […]