FC Products Strategy

Faison Capital Products – Strategy

Group roll up strategy

Faison Capital Products is a roll up strategy which will see the acquisition of multiple manufacturing companies across the United States. These acquisition will take place throughout 2021 and 2022. Each target will represent a profitable business with a solid track record but without the resources to scale.

Functions and operations

Naturally functions which can be centralised and streamlined will be, however at the core of the Faison approach is the ability to identify revenue possibilities which are being missed and or under developed. Also operationally we apply technology to create leaner functionality across each business, reducing wastage and instilling more agile procurement not just at individual level but across the group as it rolls up.

Distribution in the digital age

Side by side we seek those targets which are not exploiting the power of distribution in a digital age. This is the single biggest barrier to lower and mid-market product producers. Amazon, Etsy, Wayfair, Home Depot to name a few, online distribution and mass visibility across America not just single states is the key which unlocks growth. Faison understand what is required and have the ability and resources to implement growth strategies which scale group companies, create American jobs and help power forward the countries economy.

How We Operate

Entrepreneurs, pioneers and architects of extraordinary growth

2021 Investment Call
Invest with Faison Capital Products

Following on from the success of 2020, Faison have identified new opportunities in the U.S. lower middle market growth company sector. Our investment call requires an initial $8.3M to fund the purchase of the first three of these targets.

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Bluecorn Case study

Bluecorn Beeswax Candles
Extraordinary growth in action

Bluecorn is a well-established company with 30 years uninterrupted operation, making the highest quality beeswax candles. It is the first acquisition into The Faison Industrial Services Group. Bluecorn services customers from around the world and were pioneers of online candle sales from as far back as 1996.

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